Sail 57: Practicing gennaker gybes

Moderate wind. Practicing gennaker gybes. Top speed 9 knots. No capsize. Using an old Contour Roam action camera with bad focus. Sailing 1 hour.

sail 57f

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Sail 56: Royal visit

Strong wind. Decided to sail west between the islands of Lake Mälaren. All the way to to Drottningholm Palace, home of the royal family.

Just offshore the palace, I capsized during a gybe. Having raised the boat, I tried to adjust the action camera, which had fallen off its mount, just hanging on a security strap, instantly resulting in a second capsize. Thus my “royal visit” was not very impress315337ive.

Having righted the boat again I decided to leave the action camera hanging on the security strap. That was a bad decision. Half an hour later I capsized again during a gennaker gybe and the camera fell off. Total loss of a very nice Sony HDR-AS15. Pity.

Total sailing time 1½ hours.

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Sail 55: Season’s first on RS Vareo

Just a short 45 minute sail, checking that everything is ok.


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Mediterranean on big boat

This year’s first sailing, May 18 to 25, was on a big boat, thanks to skipper Björn Wänlund.
S/y Olivia is a Bavaria 49. With a crew of 10, we sailed in the waters around Corfu.
It is easy to sail in Greece, as long as you have respect for weather and safety. Almost every port is cheap small taverns and wifi.
One day we met a German couple who hope to sail to Tunisia, but they were worried about the political situation in the country, as well as refugee boats on the sea.
Another day we met an Australian who just bought a nice catamaran in France. He wanted to sail it home to Australia, but taking the long route through the Panama Canal to avoid Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. It is a troubled world.
2015 05 22_0120

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Sail 54: Strong wind gybes

Wind 6 m/s (force 4) and up to 11 m/s (force 6) in the gusts.
Practicing hard wind gybes with and without gennaker.
Clip 1: Starting 10 km from central city doing about 10 knots.
Clip 2: One of the 4 capsizes, retracting gennaker before raising boat.
Clip 3: Turning upwind and tacking home.

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Sail 53: Gennaker in strong wind

People often workout at the gym. So do I, sort of. My gym covers 70% of the Earth, it’s called the sea. During today’s “workout” the wind was between 6 and 12 m/s (between force 4 and 6).

During the filmed sequence, the logged speed was 10 knots. If I had turned higher upwind, the speed would have been higher.

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Sail 52: Just for fun

sail52At home bored behind computer. Don’t want to go jogging. Sailing is more fun and the boat club is nearby. Weather forcast promising good wind. So – Go go go!

Just a brief exercise, practising gennaker gybes and roll tacks, inspired by the excellent RS 100 Training DVD. Max speed 9 knots.

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