Sail 54: Strong wind gybes

Wind 6 m/s (force 4) and up to 11 m/s (force 6) in the gusts.
Practicing hard wind gybes with and without gennaker.
Clip 1: Starting 10 km from central city doing about 10 knots.
Clip 2: One of the 4 capsizes, retracting gennaker before raising boat.
Clip 3: Turning upwind and tacking home.

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Sail 53: Gennaker in strong wind

People often workout at the gym. So do I, sort of. My gym covers 70% of the Earth, it’s called the sea. During today’s “workout” the wind was between 6 and 12 m/s (between force 4 and 6).

During the filmed sequence, the logged speed was 10 knots. If I had turned higher upwind, the speed would have been higher.

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Sail 52: Just for fun

sail52At home bored behind computer. Don’t want to go jogging. Sailing is more fun and the boat club is nearby. Weather forcast promising good wind. So – Go go go!

Just a brief exercise, practising gennaker gybes and roll tacks, inspired by the excellent RS 100 Training DVD. Max speed 9 knots.

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Sail 51: Cool

sail 51Cooler weather, 17 degrees C and I wear a dry suit. Just a short sail testing the Runkeeper geotagger.

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Sail 50: Sounds like music

sail 50When hard wind hits the rigging of moored sailboats in a sailing club, you hear a high-pitch whining as a multitude of steel wires vibrate. I love this sound, it’s like music and a promise of action. And today was windy.

Only spent an hour on the water. Top wind force in the gusts maybe 10-12 m/s (force 6). One capsize during a gennaker gybe. When the hardest gust hit me, I had only the main sail up, but still reached 12.5 knots according to the new geotrackers being tested. Sorry no video.

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Sail 49: Flirt with a Laser

The rain ended. Weather forecast promised hard winds in the gusts. Out for a quickie. There was only one other sail in sight, a Laser. I went closer and we kept company for a while. Impossible to tell which boat was the faster, but much more fun that sailing alone.

I practiced sail trim, hiking and gennaker gybes. Very warm weather and minimal clothing. More fun than spending an hour at a gym.

No track data, since the Everytrail server seems down. Everytrail seems dead. After four years of using Everytrail on iOS and Android, I look for an alterantive geotracker. Testing Map My Tracks and Map My Ride. Any suggestions?

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Weekend on water

2014 08 09_4827
Invited by friends in Uppsala, spent the weekend on a larger sailboat and nice weather on protected waters. My daughter Veronika, 6 years, practiced holding the tiller.

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