Sail 34: The Storm

I had not been sailing the dinghy for three months. Various reasons, away, taking care of children, working too much in office. Finally time to play. Also, a terrible storm is reaching Sweden from the North Sea. So I just had to come out and play. This is not so bad. The lakeside area of our club only receives a fraction of the original storm force, a steady good wind 7 m/s (Force 4) and 11 m/s (Force 6) in the gusts.

Vareo 131029

Just before takeoff. Sorry no pics from sailing. Don’t want to drown another digicam again. Will buy GoPro camera.

Since last sail, I had replaced the halyard CL 222 Clamcleat and purchased a yellow Optiparts EX2600 mast float, visible in the photo.

Mistake 1:
After sailing out from the club, I realized I had forgotten to tie the clew to the boom. So I sailed back, fixed it, sailed out.

Out on the water I had no problems, thanks to the relatively steady wind. No capsize. Practicing gennaker, tiller grip, hiking, sail trim, watching the telltales.

Mistake 2:
Returning to the club, the wind was blowing hard towards land. I stopped and tied the boat to a jetty in order to drop the main sail before going to the club ramp. Bad idea. The boat blew on the side and I had to release and collect the sail swimming in the water (dry suit) before reaching shore. Not very elegant.

GPS log:
Top speed 10.5 knots with gennaker. Click on the link:

Oct 2013 at EveryTrail

I only spent an hour on the water, but great to be sailing again!

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Sail 33: Chasing rainbows

Good wind. I focused on practicing handling the tiller. Until now, I had the bad habit of holding the tiller with the “frying pan” grip. But today I only used the “dagger” grip. This felt awkward at times, but during each tack it was easier to change hands between tiller and main sheet.

I capsized once, and the boat turteled in less than 10 seconds, maybe because I had no mast float up. The sunlight crated a beautiful rainbow in the spray from my bow, so I pretended chasing that rainbow.

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Sail 32: Fight Club

Good wind, maybe force 4 and force 5 in the gusts. Downwind I reached 10 knots with main sail only. I did not dare setting the gennaker in that wind. I capsized 5 times, but never turteled, thanks to the mast float. With all the bruises resulting, I feel like Brad Pittt in the movie “Fight Club”.

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Sail 31: Waves

Good wind! Went out with our neighbor Johann, who is an old elite water polo player and still a very fit swimmer. After a few tacks upwind, we passed the last islands and reached open sea.

Turning around, my plan was to return to the home bay downwind with gennaker. But in that wind (force 5) and the open sea waves, I had enough trouble staying upright running downwind with the main only, so I didn’t dare setting the gennaker until we reached calmer waters.

And even then, we got one capsize, gybing with gennaker. Sorry, no footage. During past year, I have ruined enough digicams and phones in “waterproof” cases. Now I save for a waterproof action camera, GoPro or similar.

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Sail 30: Veronika

Finally my daughter Veronika, 5, had her first time in a sailboat. Just gently across the protected water of our home bay and back. Did she like it?

– No, the boat was rocking.

Hmm, maybe better luck next time.

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Sail 29: Petter

Just a short sail in light winds with Petter.

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Sail 28: Hilda

Just a short sail in light winds with Hilda, 13. She loved it.

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